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Air spoiler Mould

For plastic air spoiler is an aerodynamic accessory designed parts of car, to improve the airflow over for better traction and faster speed, Plastic air spoiler is affixed to sits flush with the car’s rear edge, it is like a wedge with a slightly lifted lip, air spoiler is popular products in car field, so air spoiler moldings are also very popular, China mould maker i.e. Sino Auto Mould Co.,LTD are experienced and professional in air spoiler molding moulds, we are making various types of car air spoiler moulds, it also named car spoiler mould, air spoiler moulds, rear spoiler moulds, auto spoiler moulds, auto air spoiler moulds.

We have rich experience in such auto exterior part moulds, for our air spoiler moulds we have:

•        Air Spoiler Plastic part analyses:- For the very important of air spoiler mould, it controls the surface quality of plastic part, it must not have any flash, no eject white, no eject mark, no shrinking mark, no deformation, so we pay attention to injection techniques choose and plastic part analyses, to avoid plastic parts have above problem during production.  

•        Air Spoiler Mould design: - we will use UG, Catia, Moldflow software for design air spoiler moulds, for analyzing molds structure, mould action and mould guiding system, cooling system and ejection system etc.

•        Air spoiler moulds Steel with good quality, according to customer requests, OEM or after-sales market, we will choose DIN1.2738, DIN1.2311 or 718HH, P20 for other air spoiler moulds.

•        Air spoiler moulds Machining, Sino make them 2- 3 stages machining. 1st stage is rough machining, and 2nd stage is precise high speed milling, to prevent metal (Steel) deformity when machining.

•        Air spoiler moulds QC: - Sino will use CMM & other dimension instrument for each moulds steel part during each part machining finish, to check each dimension according to 3D or 2D drawing; if any different we will correct it on time. 

•        Air spoiler mould testing: - check the samples each dimension according to 2D drawing and send to check mould action running, and then send quailed samples to customer to confirm.

•        Air spoiler moulds shipment-- we will send client tooling drawings, Mould design, Mould testing report, Mould daily log, Mould operation manual with mould shipment, Mould testing videos and various inspection records.

Sino Auto Mould Co, .LTD specializes in auto parts making, air spoiler mold manufacturing, we cooperate with OEM customers like Renault, Peugeot and so on. If for any inquiry about air spoiler moulds, kindly make contact with us Sino Auto Mould Co, .LTD [http://www.automotive-mould.com/contact.html].

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