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Auto Mold Supplier


Sino Automotive mould is one of well known plastic automotive products manufacturer. We offer automotive interior and exterior parts, including plastic automotive parts, and plastic parts in cars.


With the rapid development of automotive trade, more and more automotive factory is preferred green, environmental and light automotive design. The Most important thing is the automotive parts selection and material selection. When we choose the material, we should not only consider the function of the material, but also consider green, environmental, and have characteristic of light. Nowadays, as the rapid development and the rational application of plastic automotive, plastic automotive has been a popular thing in our daily life. And we also study to make the automotive parts by different material, such as PP+EPDM, ABS, POM, PC, PMMA, rubber and so on.


Sino Automotive Mould is one of the best plastic automotive Injection mold supplier and plastic automotive parts molding company. In Automotive parts mold and molding trade, we gain very rich experience in the past several years. We also have established technical team in project development area. Our team keep strict attitude and have a professional design technology.


As to the development of plastic automotive parts, we can offer our best service, including plastic automotive product design, structure design, mould manufacture, plastic parts injection molding and so on.

1.      Our product design engineer will design products and structure by 3D according to files offered by clients. And at last, many types of software will be used to analyze to ensure accurate mold design.


2. After receiving the feedback from clients, we will modify ours mould 2D and 3D design within a week for client’s confirmation.


3. Our company has more than 20 different types serve energy-saving device and we also have clean injection producing factory. We will offer clients plastic product molding according to clients’ capacity and Manufactures requirement. Meanwhile, we try our best to transport for clients to the port they required.


If you have any project need plastic injection mold or want to find a solution for injection molding, you can contact us or come here to discuss with us. 


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