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Auto cup holder mould


Sino Mold Co., Ltd is one of famous Automotive OEM interior trim part mould manufacturers in China, which is ISO9001 and TS16949 certified mould making company. Automotive interior trim parts mould including cup holder mould, instrument panel moulds, door trim mould etc.

For the cup holder mould

Product Description

Product Name: Plastic cup holder mould 
Product material: PP 
Core& Cavity Steel: 718 
Steel hardness: 34-38 
Mould Standard: DME 
Cavity Number: 1+1 
Injection System: SIDE GATE 
Ejector System: EJECTOR PIN 
Cycle Time: 30S 
Tooling lead time: 50DAYS 
Mould life: More than 500, 000SHOTS 
Quality assurance: ISO9001 

Design Analysis cups holder mould

(1) Cup holder mould parting surface


Is separated from the mold parting surface, the surface of out products. Injection mold has a parting surface and multiple moulds parting surface. According to the characteristics of the related parts, select parts of the big end is part of low surface as the parting surface, in this way, easy to remove when open mold parts.


(2) Cup holder mould cavity number and its arrangement


Consider forming factors, use one module and two cavities


(3) Determine cup holder mould gating system


Product appearance and mold manufacturing, the mould adopts the direct form of point gate, progresses from the main core glue, it is because of some problems of product appearance structure, and into glue point is at the bottom of the cup holder, not affect the appearance.

(4) Determine cup holder mould the demoulding method


Using the role of the spring force to open mold, when mold cavity to the distance, because the distance pin, dynamic model to separate at the same time, using the fixed pin up some little guy out of a shampoo bottle cap, which makes plastic parts will follow the move mould movement, after the separation to a certain distance, this time using the push rod can push to take off the left on the moving mould plastic parts, the push rod is fixed in the mold of the push rod on the fixed plate, the injection molding machine ejection device, realizes the parts fall off, and to rely on the role of the spring force to reset the reset lever.


(5) Determine cup holder mould the cavity and core structure and the fixed way


Because the internal structure of the complex parts, the dynamic model of reason the mould (cavity) is the application of insert or the composite structure on the mold (core) is the positioning screw and plate fixed structure, it can be replaced after being worn out.


(6) Determine cup holder mould the cooling and exhaust

The moving mould cooling system design for series cooling way, using the brass insert mold cooling hole series cooling. Exhaust is mainly through the parting surface clearance, and need not to open special exhaust slot.


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