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Auto Door Trim mould

Sino Automotive Mold Co., Ltdspecializes in various types of car door trim mould manufacturing. SINO AUTO MOULD has developed the door trim moulds for international automotive OEM brands. We offer door trim molding with excellent quality and short delivery.


Auto Door Trim mould characteristic:


Steel Types: Cavity - Thyssen KrupDIN1.2738


Core - Thyssen Krup DIN 1.2312

Slides - Thyssen Krup DIN1.2738 + Nitrided

Mould Base - 1.1730


Injection System: Synventive Nozzles

Ejection System: Hydraulic cylinders (European Vega brand)

Surface Finishing: moldtech texture

Mould Cycle Time: 45s

Mould Delivery: 100days



Auto Door Trim mould design:


As auto inner trim product, door trims products have high requirements on the appearance.


Usually, it will be requested for texture. On the product, it can not appear welding line, ejector white mark, shrinkage mark, and deformation. Below are some points for car door trim molding design.


1. Reasonable door trims mold base, to ensure the mold strength and length mould life.

2. Even cooling system, the distribution of the cooling water as much as possible, and it’s better for big diameter.

3. Ejection reasonable and safe. As usual, door trims molding for cars will have many ejector pins. In order to avoid the product deformation, we consider the balance of ejection and reset.

4. Reasonable parting surface, considering the convenience of door trim mould processing and assembling.

5. Rework of mold flow analysis, usually the gate location will affect the welding marks situation, to select a correct place, it’s quite important.


Auto Door Trim mould tooling:


Only good tooling equipment and good tooling technician can bring good Moulding result.


For door trims mold tooling, high precision is very important.


Sino auto mould invests to purchase new tooling machines to improve the mould develops range. They are Fidia High performance milling center, and below is the model:


5 axis:3000X1600X1200

3 axis:1500X1000X750

3 axis:1000X650X450


What’s more, after each tooling step, we will make the inspection on CMM which from Hexagon.

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