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With the rapid development of automotive industry, people tend to use plastic auto parts instead of metal. But at the same time we ask very high requirement for the plastic auto parts.


Air bag switch the cover is the security equipment inside automotive, it is fixed in the center of automotive wheel face to the automobile driver directly. When the automotive have accident, the automotive air bag will expand very fast and break through the automotive air bag switch cover. Due to the ignorance, driver’s head and breast will knock into the automotive air bag. The automatic air bag protects the driver’s head and breast. When the automotive under safe condition, the air bag will be original zipped in the air bag switch cover.


Air bag switch cover mold mould structure


Usually we use TPE Material to produce an air bag switch cover, this air bag switch mold need to use hot runner. The basic structure of the air bag switch cover mould is two plates mould. The mold parting line is located in the air bag switch cover parts top outer edge, parting line shape is not normal shape.


Air bag switch cover mould hot runner system is three point injection gate and manifold is in the hot runner plate. Meanwhile, the hot runner gate needs to be thermal insulation.


Ejection system


Air bag switch cover mold usually uses angle lift ejection, but due to the top air bag slot affect, we have to adopt double ejection structure.


Cooling system

Air bag switch cover wall thickness is very thick and the plastic material is soft and flexible. When we design the cooling system must make sure that the cooling is very good and make a very even cooling effect.


Air bag switch covers mold character and working process

The air bag switch cover mould character is hot runner precision mould, it adopts hot runner manifold and two steps heating which makes the material under melting condition all the time.


Meanwhile, in order to guarantee the mould location, we adopt location block on air bag switch cover mould core, air bag switch cover mould cavity plate. Due to the air bag switch cover structure, this air bag switch cover mould must need double ejection design, this is one of the most outstanding characters of air bag switch cover mould.



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