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Tel : 0086-576-84023777
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E-mail : commercial@cnmould.com , mould@china.com
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Automotive Bumber moulding, Bumper moulds,Bumper mould

Steel Types:
Cavity - Thyssen KrupDIN1.2738
Core - Thyssen Krup DIN 1.2312
Slides - Thyssen Krup DIN1.2738 + Nitrided
Mould Base - 1.1730
Injection System :
Synventive Sequence Nozzles
Ejection System :
Hydraulic cylinders ( European Vega brand )
Surface Finishing: moldtech texture
Mould Cycle Time:45s
Mould Delivery:120days
Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd is specialized in various types of auto bumpers moulds and it’s auxiliary parts such as grilles. SINO AUTO MOULD produce  bumper molds for international automotive OEM brands and doing well in bumper molding. One of the particular features of SINO AUTO MOULD is our short development time enabling us to bring to market new products in a short space of time.