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Glove box mould


Glove box also called as glove compartment, or glove box or glovie. Glove box is a compartment built into the Automotive dashboard. Sino automotive mould co. manufactures various types of injection glove box mould. 


Sino automotive mould supplies moulds for car glove box mould of Toyota, Honda, Puegoet, KIA and so on.


There are some types of glove box mould for making different types of glove box which has inside the glove box internal surface, painting exterior surface, textured and chrome plating surface, painting exterior surface, textured and chrome plating surface is injected and then make 2nd step of surface treatment. While further packed and cloth packet glove box is made by injection molding step.


SINO using an engineering that uses advanced computer technology to enable faster product development of plastic components and tools and substantially reduce their time-to-market.


Sino AUTO MOULD design ability is based on software of Moldflow for analysis for gate location, deformation analysis and injection molding technology. Our R&D department devotes ourselves for very detailed structure improvement and realizes the best solution for automotive mould finishing. 


Our software for design is UG. Moldflow, AUTO CAD, Catia, and Pro-E. All the key engineers getting together before a project start for the meeting to point out the short point of the mould tooling, plastic parts, mould structure short coming, tooling controlling tolerance and artwork; and then the 2D department make out the 2D tooling drawing for QC and tooling machine operator to follow.


 Glove box mould description 


 Glove box mould material for main steel can be used in 718, DIN1.2738 or higher grade injection mould material. Mould base is SC45 or DIN1.1730 upon the request and mould life requirement.


Cooling time: Sino designs a very optimal cooling system to suitable foe glove box mould details.

Glove box mould can be designed in PP technical material with high standard mold tech texture on the glove box mould cavity area.


Sino teams are continuing to raise the bar and ensure all our products and service, as well as the customer experience. Apart from surpassing the requirement of ISO9001-2000, we are now striving to exceed our molding solution for much higher grade molding technology. If you are looking for project management, product design or prototype manufacture, SINO can also support you.  

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