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Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd is famous auto fog lamps mold manufacturers in China, provide professional car fog lamp mould design, fog lamp mould manufacturing, fog lamps mold export and other services.


We are very professional in automotive lighting system mould making company including the technology for double color injection and over molding technology. We produce front lamp mould, front lamp, rear lamp, and other lighting system for automotive industry. SINO AUTO MOULD produces moulds for international automotive OEM brands, such as BMW, Honda, and Peugeot and so on.


Under the circumstances of Huangyan mold industry, we grasp the concept of the pursuit of zero defect products, in the "constantly improve, to customers as the focus, to meet customer demand" under the guidance of policy, efforts for automobile lamps and lanterns manufacturers to provide more excellent supporting services. In order to guarantee the quality of the products, production capacity, the company in the CAD/CAM/CAE and other advanced software aided design at the same time, simulation analysis; Light shape design experts to design company personnel training guidance; And purchase a high-speed CNC milling, two-headed CNC electrical impulses, wire walking and other precise equipment.


Company has about 20 years of mold manufacturing experience, for all kinds of mold manufacturing has certain opinions, for die Mold industry develops great talent, is now all over the country.


At present, our company developed all kinds of automobile lamps mould, superior performance, durable, has a good reputation in the industry.


The following is fog lamps mold information:

Mould name: Fog lamps mold


Mould base:SINO standard

Mould steel:45#,P20,718,2738,S136,Nak80

Runner:cold or hot runner

Plastic material:PP, PC, PS, PE, PU, PVC, ABS

Mould design software:UG, PROE, CAD, CATIA, Solid Works

Mould life:300,000-2 million shots

The time of delivery:35-60 days


Others:According to the customer demand


Mold development and design process:


1. On product molding process, die structure and processing technology were analyzed. Ensure the die life meet customer demand.

2. Design and complete the mould structure and processing parts, and assembly and injection molding process requirements are put forward.

3. Before open mould parts surface quality defect analysis (such as shrinkage, etc.) or mold structure problem (such as parting surface setting, gate settings, mould life is cannot guarantee etc.)

4. Mould appearance: mould appearance must ensure that no rust, no percussion mark, no incomplete modules such as defects

5. Mold transportation: mold transport must be put locked mold piece, packaging, to prevent rust.

6. Mold material: in the mold of delivery at the same time, provide a complete set of mold parts and maintenance resources. 


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