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Sino mould, one of the most famous automotive fender protector mould supplier and manufacturer in China, offer fender protector mould export, automotive fender protector manufacture and provided client with all set of fender protector service.


Sino Mould, has been established for more than 20 years, We made a perfect plastic automotive mould, service for plastic automotive products 15 years ago. With many years’ accumulated experience and good service for clients, we have been one of the best automotive mould suppliers all over the world; and we had ever service for some famous automotive brand, such as TOYOTA, Benz, SUZUKI, HONDA, NISSAN and so on.


We also made many large-scale plastic injection mould and product molding, manufacture and tooling. For example, we often analyze for all series of fender protector by some design software, such as fender protector structure analysis, fender material aging resistance evaluation and the way of pats assembly test, etc. Our engineers will analyze products material flowing, cooling system, and ejector system according to professional software before they made a fender protector design; and with their rich experience, they will make a perfect solution and certain location for mould parts design.


Regarding to service for fender protector mould, fender protector product export, we have rich experience. We ever export our fender protector mould, fender protector products to Brazil, Russia, Turkey and many other countries. We have all-way test for the product and ensure the products we offer is the best one we can do.

1. Before design, we will test and analyze according to products data, to ensure the proper structure; and we also use some software to imitate mould molding and mould flow, cooling system and other parts of the mould structure.


2. In fender protector producing process, engineer will follow mould process all the way and test assembly. Meanwhile, we will make a schedule and test report for clients to check the mould process.


3. We also test the parts’ size and products assembly in fender protector producing process.


The entire mould test will be recorded and we will keep the record at a certain time, offer all the test data to our clients to ensure clients know all the process and information of the mould. We offer no only a mould, but also a solution. 

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