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Automotive steering wheel mould is one of the most inspiring inventions in 20th Century.

But also because of the high cost, safety performance is not stable and controversial. How much effect of the airbag? The airbag is necessary? Airbags are absolutely safe?

Steering wheel general requirement

1.      Surface smooth, no flash and comfortable. 2. Strong and good wear-resisting property 3. Corrosion resistant to gasoline, diesel oil sweats 4. Good heat resistant and cold resistant performance.


Plastic Steering wheel skeleton

Steering wheel frame consists of a rim, spoke and wheel hub. Different steering wheel material, the forming method is different.

Carbon steel is of high strength, hardness and good toughness. It is widely use in making steering wheel mould. But carbon steel high hardness decides that it could not be tooled by traditional tooling machine.


Years, automobile and auto parts manufacturers at home and abroad, they intend to invest a lot of manpower and material resources to carry on the development of steel steering frame research. There is a well-known American GM, Zhejiang yuhuan steering wheel factory and domestic shunda weeds such as automotive trim co., LTD. Company; the production of steering wheel The skeleton is varied. Also emerged many designs or during a patent for invention, Kushmaul, etc.


With metal materials improving steel for ontology design or optimization procedure of the variety of the steering wheel skeleton, makes the direction and frame styles are more diverse. Even so, still can't get rid of by cutting, welding, etc. makes the essence of a variety of complex process? In addition, the larger the proportion of carbon steel and low damping coefficient, bad for vehicle weight reduction and feel poorer performance than with other material.


The properties of the carbon steel itself is difficult to through the composition optimization is a great improvement, therefore in the process of automobile lightweight, with the development of the excellent performance of lightweight materials and the reasonable application of the forming process of carbon steel wheel in mini car will gradually fade away, by weight and performance are good news material replaced the steering wheel. But in the higher strength requirement, poor working conditions of heavy vehicles such as cars, steel skeleton is still widely used. 

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