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SINO AUTOMOTIVE MOULD CO., LTD is professional china to die-casting mold maker which specialized in designing and producing high-precision automobile punching mould. We have passed ISO9001-2000 international certification. From established date to today, we have made many die-casting molds project for domestic and foreign customers and reach high reputation among clients.


Till now, we have made many automotive die-casting moulds, such like automobile housing, automotive crankshaft, automotive gear, car radiator parts and so on. Take advantage of high tooling equipments and optimal mould design, our die-casting mold has nice performance and good quality.


In our factory, we have many high tooling types of equipment, such like, EDM and wire cut made in Japan Sodick, Wire cut made in Agiecharmilles, high precision lathe machine made in Taiwan and so on. Those equipments ensure our die-casting mold has a high precision. In addition, our mold designer has rich experience in making automotive punching molds. As we known, die-casting molds structure is similar like the plastic injection molds structure; and the mold strength and injection gate should be paying more attention since Zinc alloy injection gate and aluminum alloy injection gate is a different design.


Now let me introduce our automotive radiator parts die-casting design.


According the technological characteristics, our mold runner was designed to M type structure which will ease the metallic effect on the mold cavity during die-casting mold processing. In order to improve the die-casting mould quality, the mold design should be discharged the mixed gas and coating metal residue pollution. Hence, a reasonable air venting and overflow tank is a very important element. Normally, the air venting was designed behind the overflow tank so that easy for air venting processing and layout. First, the air venting and overflow tank should be staggered arrangement to avoid the mental liquid block the air venting. The air venting which is near to overflow tank was designed deeper; it is more convenient for the filling of overflow tank. Second, the air venting runner was designed circuitous a shape which is good for preventing the metal liquid ejecting from the air venting. That was greatly improving the safe and avoids accidents. Normally, our die-casting mold base use 45# steel and the ejector pins adopt the SKD61 steel as this has the perfect elevated temperature property.


If you need more information regarding about automotive die-casting moulds, please feel free to contact me. 


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