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Sino Automotive Mould Co., Ltd, a branch company of the SINO HOLDING GROUP, is the leading injection mould manufacturer for automotive industry in China. Sino auto mould is a professional plastic blow molding in design and manufacture of auto parts mould supplier, provide export the blow plastic parts moulds, blow plastic parts mold manufacturing business.


Sino auto mould adds value to the automotive even in places that cannot be seen. Advanced plastic molding technology is enabling us the ability of manufacturing moulds for a variety of plastic blowing parts, such as, car oil tank blowing mould, water tank blowing mould and so on.


Blow plastic parts are obtained by hollow blow molding. Hollow blow molding is put extrusion or injection molding of the proceeds of the embryo in the mould, in tube embryo, ventilation with Compressed air blow up, in order to close to the cavity wall, then through Cooling mold release products have a hollow molding method. The molding method can produce the bottle, pot, all kinds of packaging containers such as barrels, daily supplies, children's toys and so on.


Hollow blow molding (also known as the blow molding) is the most important production of hollow plastic molding technology. With this kind of molding technology, not only can produce several ml bottle, small volume and can produce thousands of liters of large volumes of tanks and tank, you can also create a floating ball, automobile fuel tanks and plastic boat.


Known object of blow molding bottles, barrels, cans, boxes, and all packing food, beverage, cosmetic, medicine and daily necessities of the container. A large blow molding containers are normally used for chemical products, lubricants and bulk materials on the package.


Blow molding products and ball, corrugated pipe and other toys. For machinery and furniture manufacturing, blow molding parts have a shell, door frame, system frame, push Rod, or have an open box below.


For our auto industry, fuel tank, water tank, the inside of the car the trachea, car shock absorber, backrest, center bracket and armrest and headrest cover is blown. Many seats on the bus are blow molding.


Blow molding products are mainly the lower cost of production.


Blow molding products tensile, impact resistance, bending and environment etc all kinds of strain, high performance, has good performance.


Blow molding products have a high impact toughness and high environment stress cracking resistance, suitable for the production of packaging or transportation of detergent and chemical reagent containers


Blow molding products for cannot accurately calculate the wall thickness of the products is very good. 

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